Week in Review

This week was an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs. It was such an insane week, I thought I would not have it in me to add a new post and in fact I am adding it only Sunday night and technically Monday morning since it is 1:56 am

I am however posting a summary of events with a few interesting links but no recipes.

I was very excited this week as I was having a private tutoring session on food photography. Food photography is so different from people or scenery photography that you pretty much have to throw all your knowledge out the window and open your mind to a different way of seeing things.

I was lucky to have a teacher who did not impose on me her style and just shared her know-how so I could use it with my own “props” and food. She also understood that my aim is to show you REAL food as it would look if you made it or at least how it really looks when I make it. I have seen tutorials where they teach you how to use WD40 or glycerin to make your food look good and make-up sponges or mashed potatoes to make it look taller or more layered.

My blog is about WHOLE food, natural food, organic food and delicious food, not food “models”. It is about what we can do to eat seasonally with excitement and flavor and I want to show you the food I actually cook, eat and share with my family and friends. Ann, my teacher, got “IT” and tought me just that. I am confident that practice will make perfect… Below my first “composition under her guidance. The salad above is my first shot looking for the “bling bling” as she called it.

Her blog: http://photo-copy-ann.blogspot.com/
Her food photography website:  http://annvertriest.com/

DOWN and UP:
Wednesday I went to the market as usual to prepare for my blog and bought some nice fish and some vegetables, then Wednesday afternoon,  I brought my husband to the emergency room. He was in the hospital 2 days. The first day I was told he almost died and it was very serious, the second day that it was an alarm for a potentially deadly force, by the time they released him I was told it was probably just a little virus or stomach bug and it was just fine…

On Friday my cousin arrived for the week-end and I did make her the fish and we had a wonderful time puttering while François slowly recuperated his strength. And while I am not giving you the recipe for the fish, I am giving you a link to a friend’s blog that talks about feeding fish to your kids WITHOUT hiding it (unlike my fish that was hidden below potato scales*) … 😉

But seriously, go to his blog below. I love what he stands for. And yes, his words sometimes lack a little “diplomacy” but that is what I like. He is honest.
Click on his name: Yann Le Pollotec

*I have to tell you the “potato scales” that were “hiding” my fish worked wonders on keeping ther whole fish moist. It was incredibly juicy and delicious. Inside I just stuffed a little lemon and thyme, sea salt and olive oil.

Today, I tried to fight my husband’s lack of strength with a very Belgian “Américain” (this is what they call a “Steak Tartare” here, even though it is definitely not american).

Tomorrow my friend Adam arrives. He is a major foodie and an amazing cook so I am looking forward to a week of wonders and I promise to post some recipes next week.

A bientôt,
Catherine@Sainte Catherine


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Photo-copy says:

    That last shot is really a beauty!!!

  2. gabor says:

    quell’insalata sembra fantastica!!

  3. Angela LeBlanc says:

    Dearest Catherine,

    I have so enjoyed following your blog through the internet from Tanzania to
    Boynton Beach, where we are currently savoring the bright sunshine of Florida.

    Your attempt at food photography is promising. It is an exceptionally difficult art form but knowing you, you will have it mastered in short order.

    We head back to Maine in a week or two and I trust and hope that Francois will be back to his healthy, ebullient self. Meanwhile, stay well and keep cooking.

    Many hugs and kisses,

  4. Thank you Angela! And thanks for spreading the word as I know you have 😉
    He is doing well. If you come to Europe, please, please let me know!

  5. Kim says:

    I hope François is bouncing back. Bon rétablissement chers amis. Gros calins de Montréal.

  6. Meredith k says:

    Sending you and Francois strength, love and hugs from an unseasonably spring-like Brooklyn.

    Side note: What are some meals to prepare during the vernal equinox, when your body hasn’t shed the “winter” coat, but you nose smells spring around the corner? 🙂

  7. Ok, I will give that serious though. Winter ingredients with a fresh spring taste…

  8. so sorry to hear about your husband being so ill, that must have been a shock! talking about a rollcoaster indeed, I hope all well now and wishing you a more quiet but fun week coming up with your friend visiting!

    1. Thank you! He is all better and this has been a great week so far.

  9. Just found your blog through the Photo-copy blog, guess I found myself a new food blog to follow. I know what I’ll be doing this evening 🙂

    Your pictures look amazing!

    Hope your husband is feeling better!

    1. Thank you! Great to have a new follower. I am working on my new posting. New recipes coming tomorrow….

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