Please hang on, we will be with you shortly…

Though I am still held captive by THE BOOK, I thought I could use my 10 minutes of freedom to say hello.


I am 11 recipes away from partial freedom.
After that, I have some fine tuning, some writing and finally some editing but I will be able once again to cook for pleasure and share that pleasure with you.

Don’t get me wrong, cooking for the book is equally delicious but it does not allow me to go wild at the market which right now is torture. Have you seen the markets lately? Strawberries, cherries, wild lettuces and vegetables, everything in color and tasting of wonder.

This is of course the best time to leave you alone without my help. The markets are generous and there is no need for much “intervention”, you can pretty much eat everything as-is. So please eat as many colors as you can and feel the vitamins and nutrition fill your veins!

For those of you in Brussels:
There is a new Organic farmer’s market on Thursday afternoon’s open late at Place Albert. Meet you there?

See you soon, very soon.

Catherine@SainteCatherine and beyond.

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