Mamma Cristina

THE BOOK IS DONE!!! Wohoooo! All I have left is a good read through. My sister Elisabeth is helping me with editing. As soon as it is up for sale I will give you a link.

Walking to the Chatelain market on Wednesday, we ran into Andrea in front of his restaurant “La Piola“. Andrea also runs a stand at the market where we buy our mozzarella and other wonderful Italian delicacies. As always, we started talking about “bella Italia” and our latest events. When I told him I had finished the book he shouted:

“ma come! Senza nemmeno una mia ricetta”? I told him I did not really have room for another recipe but asked what he would have given me if I did.

“I have the perfect recipe! My mom makes it every summer “.  “La Mamma”? I replied, “but Andrea, the book is all about easy recipes, not old Italian Mamma – slave over the stove all day – recipes…”

“Noooooooo” he says “facile facile…easy, listen”!

So I listened while my mouth watered away. He was right, it is easy and while I really have no room in this first edition of the book, I though I would share it with you on the blog.

NOTE: he did not give me quantities or exact recipe of course so this is my interpretation for 4 people.

La Pasta di Mamma Cristina

2 zucchini
4 ripe roma tomatoes or as I used a pint of cherry tomatoes
2-3 Italian peppers
a good bunch of string beans
a piece of Primo Sale cheese (or salted ricotta)
olive oil, salt and pepper
400 gr. premium GRAGNANO pasta (as per Andrea’s instructions)

Cut the zucchini into little sticks using mostly the skin (you can use the hearts for a soup later)
Cut the string beans into 2 or 3
Cut the tomatoes into chunks
Cut the peppers, remove the seeds and cut into pieces

Sauté the peppers for a few minutes. Bring water to a boil and add some rock salt.
Add the pasta, string beans and zucchini to the water.
Meanwhile add the tomatoes to the peppers and continue cooking while the pasta cooks.
Drain the pasta with the vegetables and add it to the peppers and tomatoes.
Sauté all together one more minute. Plate and top with grated Primo Sale cheese.

Buon Appetito,

Catherine @ Sainte Catherine

*NOTE: I spoke to Andrea who after viewing the finished photo commented: “You did not cook the tomatoes!” – “I did, I did!” – “My pasta comes out red. The fresh tomatoes need to cook longer into a light sauce, anyways it looked good” – “thank you, I will try and do better next time 😉 “

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  1. kafcooks says:

    The recipe looks great. Any suggestions for stateside replacement for the gragnano pasta? I love this story too – I can imagine the interchange in front of the restaurant.

    1. Any artisanal Italian made pasta that has Durum wheat as the only ingredient, that is made with bronze molds and that has a slow drying process. Hope you can find one.

      1. kafcooks says:

        Thanks for this – I makes me want to see what the bronze mold looks like. I will try and let you know what I find!

  2. elisabeth says:

    yummy is all I can say. Will have to try. I’m lucky, I can find it all here in Brussels.

  3. kim says:

    set aside a copy for meeeee !

    1. kim says:

      oh and I looove the McSweeney style typeset. so TASTEful !

      1. Thank you! You will be able to order very soon. I will give a little preview here, on facebook and on the book site.

  4. Paola says:

    You star!! Can’t wait to see it. And you soon I hope.

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