The Cookbook has arrived

After almost a year of hard work, the cookbook is finished.

As promised I am including a link to the book for those of you who wish to purchase a copy. You all want one right? I have used Blurb to publish my book as they are one of the lowest priced self publishing sites who still deliver nice quality. Self published books, have the adantages that you can order just one book but with that comes a price tag that is about double of a regular book. I have no power over that.

If you have an eReader, iPad or iPhone, you can opt for the ebook version which is far more affordable.

What I can promise: Every recipe has been tried & tested (and enjoyed by many of my friends and family who have been eating from the book for the past year). The photographs are not retouched and represent the actual food that I cooked for the book –  unlike food magazines and 99% of cookbooks out there, no grease, WD-40, hairspray, florist sponges or other tools were used to compose the pictures and enhance the food. You can expect your food to come out just as the picture shows you.

What is in the book: 160 pages, about 300 photographs, 68 recipes (50 vegetarian dishes). The idea of the book is SIMPLE and FAST recipes anyone can do; even a complete kitchen novice. But the food is far from simple in results; it is DELICIOUS.

(please always check for coupons online, Blurb often offers 15-35% discounts)
Click here to view in bookstore or to purchase

Download the e-book here

Buon Appetito!

Catherine@Sainte Catherine

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Hey, take it easy on the florist foam!!!!

    1. hahaha I LOVE florist foam sweet friend, just not on my plate…

  2. Elisabeth de Zagon says:

    YEAH!!! congrats. Can’t wait!

  3. Meredith k says:

    Congratulations! This is a wonderful and major accomplishment! I’ve always supported self-published works, when possible and I can’t wait to order your book. Though flipping through it’s pages on a tablet is so tempting, i may have to buy iPad too! 🙂

    1. Thank you Meredith and thank you for your wonderful post about it on Facebook.

  4. Marco Rosa says:

    Ciao Caterina!…. fatti viva 🙂 .. Marco Rosa

    1. Ciao Marco! Dove sei? Noi in Belgio e speriamo presto in Italia. Mandaci tue notizie a

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