Blogging around Italy

Dormant for a while, my blog re-appeard to you to deliver the delicious puff recipe inspired by a french classic. You see I now write for two other blogs and my day job has been keeping me pretty busy. I am however, very proud of my collaboration with the other blogs as one dedicated to the wonderful local fares of Abruzzo and is in collaboration with a group of super women who love and promote Abruzzo. In it, I focus on natural ingredients and healthy living using local fares from the markets. The other blog is as a naturopath student… focused even more on healthy foods and eating conciously, it is part of a magazine of the school I attend in Rome.

I you are interested, here is the link to my latest recipe focusing on alcaline foods. It is of course in Italian but it is such an easy recipe, you can probably get it from the list of ingredients and the picture below.

I hope to add more on this personal blog but you can follow me on my 2 other blogs and email me with questions you may have about those recipes.

Eat well.

You can follow Taste Abruzzo here




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